El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Self-guided treks in El Chaltén

Most of these tours do not require any previous experience in mountain activities. You may visit viewpoints with spectacular panoramic views using little time and effort. You don't need to be accompanied by a guide to walk on the trails described in this section, but you may want to have their services if you don't feel safe walking alone or if your want to discover the secrets of this wonderful place.

Chorrillo del Salto De las Vueltas river canyon Huemul glacier Laguna Capri Laguna De los Tres Laguna Torre Los Cóndores viewpoint Piedra del Fraile

Short treks

These treks are near El Chaltén. They have little difficulty, and are ideal itineraries for those with little time to spend or want to do an activity for a few hours. If you plan to do other long treks, these trails are ideal to warm up your legs. The duration is expressed in only one direction.

Treks of 2 hours or more

These treks include most of the valley hikes and the great "classics". Almost all of them take place within Los Glaciares National Park. Definitely the must-hike is Laguna De los Tres, the closest viewpoint to the granite mass of the Fitz Roy mount. The other major classic in the area is Laguna Torre, a gothic landscape of ice and rock by a lagoon where icebergs usually float. Remember, the duration is expressed in only one direction.

Treks in Lago Del Desierto area

Once you reach the lake by the Provincial Route 41, you'll be in Punta Sur (South End), one of the two tips of this lengthened lake of more than 12 Km. surrounded by forest and mountains with hanging glaciers. The most popular and easy trek is the one that leads to the Huemul glacier and lagoon. In less than an hour from Punta Sur you will admire beautiful views of the north face of Fitz Roy and the De las Vueltas river valley. If you do not want to go walking to Punta Norte -from where you can do other treks or go to Villa O'Higgins- you can take one of the several daily departures offered by the lake transport service available in high season. Remember, the duration is expressed in only one direction.