El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Hostels in El Chaltén

It is the most economical and popular choice among backpackers and independent travelers. Dorms usually have two or more beds per room, kitchen and dining room and, above all, an environment that promotes the exchange of experiences with other travelers who share the stay. Some options you can find in some hostels are private bedrooms, breakfast, WiFi Internet connection, luggage storage, library or video library, etc.

Los Viajeros

Address: 256, Lago del Desierto Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493165 (DDN: 02962 493165)

Recently opened in the heart of El Chaltén. Three quadruple room with shared bathroom. Two bedrooms with six beds, and shared bathroom. Kitchen equipped with dishes, refrigerator, microwave, satelital TV. Showers with hot water. Laundry. Full-heated rooms.

Los ViajerosLos ViajerosLos ViajerosLos ViajerosLos Viajeros

Pioneros del Valle

Address: 451, San Martín Av.
Phone: +54 2962 493079 (DDN: 02962 493079)

Located in the main street of El Chaltén, 3 blocks away from the trekking trails. 25 bedrooms: 20 dorms for 6 people and 5 double and triple private rooms. All with private bathrooms. Full equipped kitchen and dining room. Living room with a 42" flat screen TV with DirecTV. WiFi connection in every area of the hostel. Computer with free internet connection for the guests.

Pioneros del VallePioneros del VallePioneros del VallePioneros del VallePioneros del Valle

Patagonia Travellers Hostel

Address: 493, San Martín Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493019 (DDN: 02962 493019)

9 double rooms with private bath, 2 triple rooms with private bath, 4 double rooms with shared bath and 4 rooms with shared bath.

Patagonia Travellers HostelPatagonia Travellers HostelPatagonia Travellers HostelPatagonia Travellers HostelPatagonia Travellers Hostel

Cóndor de los Andes

Address: no number, Río de las Vueltas Str.
Phone: +54 2962 493101 (DDN: 02962 493101)

A unique view of the Fitz Roy, a cosy and quiet atmosphere and an excellent attention. Rooms for 2, 4 or 6 guests with private bathroom, personal lockers. Central heating. Fully equipped kitchen for guests. Living room with fireplace, comfortable couches and am amazing panoramic views of the mountains. Breakfast included and WiFi for free.

Cóndor de los AndesCóndor de los AndesCóndor de los AndesCóndor de los AndesCóndor de los Andes

Refugio Chaltén

Address: 46, Lago Del Desierto Av.
Phone: ++54 2962 493331 (DDN: 02962 493331) / Cel: +54 9 260 432 0400

In the style of a mountain lodge, simple, practical, warm, intimate and quiet. Two double rooms and two quadruple, heating 24 hours. Comfortable living room. Kitchen with stove, with dishes. Wi-Fi. Chulengo (Patagonia style barbacue). 4 blocks from the bus terminal at the beginning of the head of the trail to Laguna Torre, with beautiful view of the hills.

Refugio ChalténRefugio ChalténRefugio ChalténRefugio ChalténRefugio Chaltén


Address: 125, Trevisán Str.
Phone: +54 2962 493317 (DDN: 02962 493317)

Recently-built hostel, with comfortable rooms and heating. Great panoramic view, from which you can see the Torre hill, the Del Bosque range and the grand Fitz Roy.


Rancho Grande

Address: 724, San Martín Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493005 (DDN: 02962 493005)

Glaciar Marconi

Address: 87, Antonio Rojo 87 Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493257 (DDN: 02962 493257)

Lo De Trivi

Address: 675, San Martín Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493255 (DDN: 02962 493255)

Hem Heru

Address: 600, Las Loicas Str.
Phone: +54 2962 493224 (DDN: 02962 493224)


Address: 75, Llao Llao Str.
Phone: +54 9 2966 721060 (DDN: 02966 15 721060)

Del Lago

Address: 138, Lago del Desierto Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493245 (DDN: 02962 493245)

Ñandé Roga

Address: Av. Lago del Desierto s/n

Ahonikenk Chaltén

Address: 23, M.M. de Güemes Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493070 (DDN: 02962 493070)

El Refugio

Address: no number, San Martín Ave.

La Nativa

Address: 45, Mac Leod Str.
Phone: +54 2962 493307 (DDN: 02962 493307)