El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Activities in El Chaltén

There are many itineraries setting off from El Chaltén, those which run through well signed trails inside the National Park as well as in private areas. According to your physical condition and available time -and of course depending on the unpredictable Patagonian weather- it is possible to undertake from short hikes up to ascents or embark on expeditions for several days.

There are also organized excursions and activities for everyone: navigation to Viedma Glacier (the largest in Los Glaciares National Park) with the option to trek or climb on it. You can also navigate the Lago Del Desierto from the South Tip to the North Tip, from where you can take various treks. Another unique tour is the visit to La Leona Petrified Forest.

Self-guided treks

Most of these treks do not demand any previous experience in mountaineering activities. It is possible to visit lookout points with stunning panoramic views using little time and effort. It is not necessary to hire a guide service to do the trails described in this section, but if you wish it is possible to rely on their services to keep your mind at ease or to help you discover the place best known secrets.

Some popular treks:
- Los Cóndores and Las Águilas viewpoints (40 min.).
- Laguna Capri (2 hours).
- Piedra del Fraile (2 hours).
- Laguna Torre (4 hours).
- Laguna De los Tres (5 hours).

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Organized Tours

There are different land and lake tours to discover exclusive natural beauties and historic places.

Some popular tours:
- Lago and Glaciar Viedma (boat tour + optional trek to the glacier).
- Lago Del Desierto (car or minibus tour from El Chaltén + optional boat tour).
- Rafting in Río De las Vueltas Canyon.
- Bosque Petrificado La Leona (land tour returning to El Calafate).

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Guided treks and ascents

A guide will offer you the means, experience and safety necessary to visit places that otherwise would be inaccessible. Many trails do not have a high level of technical difficulty, so if you are in good physical condition and stamina -and if you are determined to reach your goal- you can choose some of the programs offered by local Tourism Services Providers or Travel Agencies.

Some guided activities:
- El Chaltén - Laguna Toro - Paso Del Viento (2 days).
- Humeul Circuit: Paso Del Viento - Paso Huemul - El Chaltén (3/4 days).
- Travesía en el Hielo Patagónico Sur (7 days or more).

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More activities

El Chaltén offers unique scenaries for those looking to experience new emotions from the hand of your sport or favorite activity.

Popular activities:
- Bouldering.
- Fishing.
- Horse rides.
- Mountain Bike.

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