De las Vueltas river canyon

Walk or drive to a viewpoint located at 6 km from El Chaltén. From there you will have a full overview of the Southern Andean mountains and glaciers.

Sight from the viewpoint Cerro Solo Adela range and Cerro Torre Cascada Margarita Cascada Margarita

Itinerary: Walking or driving 6 km along the Provincial Route 41 towards the Viedma lake, you will reach a parking area for vehicles on your left. From there begins the trail to the viewpoint over the canyon, which is quite high.

This panoramic viewpoint may be the last stop when you leave El Chaltén in your vehicle, and a good photographic goodbye if the weather goes with you.

Note: The course of this river is a frequent aerial route of condors that fly in SE-NW direction at very low altitude, so if you are lucky you may see them from a very close distance..

Warning: Although it is an effortlessly and short walk, because the canyon does not have a containment fence in its most exposed area, you must be very careful if you go with children. If you are unsure, you better not progress the last 20 meters to the edge..

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