El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Cascada Margarita (Margarita watrerfall) viewpoint

This is an approximation to the valley treks, reaching a viewpoint of the Fitz Roy river valley with panoramic views of Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy massifs.

Sight from the viewpoint Cerro Solo Adela range and Cerro Torre Cascada Margarita Cascada Margarita

Jurisdiction: Los Glaciares National Park.
Duration: 40 minutes (one way).
Difficulty: easy.
Elevation: 100 metres.
Season: normally all year round.

Itinerary: From El Chaltén you should take the trail to Laguna Torre, which after a soft slope enters the hillside forest composed mainly by ñires.. The trail begins to gradually gain height while it aligns with the Fitz Roy river. Finally, after passing through a small stairway with ropes, the trail will take you in a couple of minutes to a high natural viewpoint on a cliff over the Fitz Roy river.

From this viewpoint to the west you will admire the Fitz Roy river valley and its meandering stream going through, framed by the Solo hill on the left, the Adela range and the stunning Cerro Torre as background, and the Fitz Roy range on the right.

Directly opposite, across the river, you'll appreciate the waterfall Margarita.

Suggestion: If you have extra time, it is worth continuing the path for another hour to the Cerro Torre viewpoint, one of the two most spectacular viewpoints in the area.

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