El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Piedras Blancas glacier

Description: Approach to one of the lower glaciers of the area that descends from the glacier cirque formed by the massif of the Fitz Roy.

Piedras Blancas glacier Piedras Blancas glacier Piedras Blancas glacier Surrounding of the trail

Jurisdiction: Los Glaciares National Park.
Duration: 2 hours from Route 41 (one-way).
Difficulty: easy.
Elevation: 100 m.

Itinerary: From the bridge over the Río Blanco (National Route Nº 41) take the trail that goes up along the Rio Blanco and approximately after two hours of walking you will arrive to a lookout point from where you will be able to appreciate the Piedras Blancas Glacier (at this point it is not possible to cross the river). So you can continue the path to Poincenot base camp and from there either go back to the village or stay overnight.

Another alternative –demands five hours- is to take the path from El Chaltén to Laguna De los Tres until crossing the Río Blanco. After passing over the bridge you should take the deviation to the right that descends next to the river. Continue along this trail until you arrive at Piedras Blancas stream descending in direction West-East, reached at less than an hour walk from Poincenot base camp.

Looking at the glacier turn 90º West to continue the trail that goes up along the stream on the right bank and cross the river a little before its source. Already in the other bank of the river, you are able to carry on until you reach the lagoon from where you will appreciate an excellent view of the glacier and its ice sliding down. In the horizon, the East-Northeast side of the Fitz Roy and its glacier.

* To get to the bridge over the Rio Blanco you can hire a transfer service from El Chaltén. More information in Transport Companies.

Tip If you have some extra time you may return to El Chaltén without walking on the same trail: continue on the same direction until Poincenot campsite and thence back to El Chalten with the opportunity to meet other landscapes and viewpoints.

Recommendations: If you plan to stay or camp overnight in Poincenot or Laguna Capri campsites, we suggest you carefully read the Recommendations during your stay.

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