El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Punta Norte del Lago Del Desierto - Larga lagoon - Milestone with chilean border

Description: In high season, the boat timetable connecting Punta Sur with Punta Norte allows this beautiful trek that explores the most exuberant forest and the less transited area, up to the milestone that marks the border with Chile, passing the hidden Laguna Larga with spectacular views of the Lago del Desierto and the Fitz Roy massif.

Lago Del Desierto, sendero desde Punta Norte hasta el Hito limitrofe con Chile. Bosque de Lenga Laguna Larga Hito Limitrofe (frontera con Chile) Fitz Roy visto desde el Hito Limitrofe (40 Km)

Zone: Border Area.
Duration: 2 hours (one way) 4/5 hours in total.
Difficulty: easy.
Ascent: 200 metres.

Itinerary: The trail starts just behind the National Gendarmerie Post, where the forest begins next to a small stream. The trail begins to ascend quickly, and as it gains altitude the landscape is discovered behind us: The Lago del Desierto in its full extension, framed by Del Bosque and Vespignani range with their hanging glaciers. The slope starts decreasing and the trail enters a beech forest really overwhelming, silent and very little transited.

The trail crosses several log bridges over a small stream back from the Laguna Larga.

More or less an hour from the start, a mallín is reached (muddy soil saturated with moisture) that must be surrounded by the right, and always continued in the same direction North to enter the final stretch of forest as the path gains some altitude.

In a few minutes you can see from the top, the beautiful Laguna Larga hidden in this virgin forest.

The last stretch of the trek passes by an old abandoned National Gendarmerie facility and steps from there you will arrive to the watershed milestone in the border with Chile. From this point, at almost 40 Km away, the Fitz Roy granite mass continues to be seen standing out on the landscape to the south.

From here starts the trek to Candelario Mansilla, where you can take a boat to reach Villa O'Higgins.

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