El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Laguna Torre

One of the classic treks of El Chaltén that will take you to the Torre lagoon, at the foot of the amazing Adela range, Torre and Grande glaciers and the incredible Cerro Torre. Ten minutes before arriving to the lagoon, you will find the DeAgostini base camp. Just getting to the Cerro Torre viewpoint, halfway and just two hours from El Chalten- allows you to witness one of the most capricious mountain landscapes in the world and one of the mythical mountains of Patagonia: Cerro Torre.

Jurisdiction: Los Glaciares National Park.
Duration: 4 hours (one way).
Total approximate time: 9 hours (return).
Difficulty: moderate.
Elevation: 200 meters from El Chaltén.
Season: normally from October until May.

Itinerary: From El Chaltén, there are two head-trails to Laguna Torre, both paths join together after 5 minutes walk. The trail enters the Fitz Roy river valley and continues following the river upstream to its source. At only 15 minutes walk you will access the first viewpoint located at the gorge of the Fitz Roy river -called Cascada Margarita- which offers a panoramic view of the Cerro Solo, Adela range, Cerro Torre and the Fitz Roy mount. Across the river lies the Margarita waterfall.

Halfway you will reach Cerro Torre viewpoint with incomparable views of the Adela range, Cerro Torre and other granite needles. Finally the path crosses the DeAgostini base camp where you can stay overnight in your tent. Fifteen minutes along the way from the camp you will reach Laguna Torre. At the shore of this lagoon, it is often possible to find a number of icebergs from the Grande glacier.

Tip: Bear in mind that this is a walk that takes several hours, so if you are going to spend the night at DeAgostini campsite, we suggest you start it early, if possible before 8am in the summer months. Although the access to Laguna Torre is possible during the months listed above, it always depends on the accumulation of snow (between may and october) especially in the last stretch of the trail. We recommend you always check the condition of the trails at the Visitors' Centre of Los Glaciares National Park, located just before the entrance to the tourist village.

Advice for photographers: The hills are always seen from the west, so they are directly illuminated by the sun only in the morning. You will achieve the best photographs at dawn, when the color of the granite walls are saturated for a few minutes when the sunlight reaches them for first time. So, this picture is reserved only for those who stay overnight in the DeAgostini camp and wait that magical moment with the camera ready before the sunrise.

Recommendations: If you plan to stay or camp overnight in DeAgostini campsite, we suggest you carefully read the Recommendations during your stay.

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