El Chaltén - Toro Lagoon - Paso del Viento - Paso del Viento refuge

Description: A challenging hike that will take you to a viewpoint with one of the most spectacular views of the Southern Ice Field: The Viedma glacier in all its glory, the birth of the Upsala glacier and the imposing Mariano Moreno range as background. The trek of the second day requires good physical condition as well as the experience and equipment that only a professional guide can guarantee.

Jurisdiction: Los Glaciares National Park.
Duration: 2 days (one way).
Difficulty: difficult.
Ascent: 1300 meters.


DAY 1: El Chaltén - Toro Lagoon Campsite

Duration: 7 to 8 hours
Difficulty: medium
Ascent: 500 meters

The trail begins at the Visitor Center premises of Los Glaciares National Park, just before you get to El Chalten. The path is well signposted and runs along a stream that will take you on a half hour walk to a beech forest. As we walk along the forest and gain altitude, we pass by some clearings that let us see the landscape: the Cerro Torre and the Fitz Roy to the north and The Cerro Huemul to the south. After going through a fairly extensive mallín we can see the huge lake Viedma to the Southwest before entering the last stretch of a stumpy forest. At the end of this, we will be on the viewpoint of the Tunel river valley; a panoramic view dominated by the Cerro Huemul and from where the Paso del Viento can be seen to the west. From there, it will be a downward slope to the west towards Toro lagoon. Just before arriving at the lagoon and where the forest is interrupted, the Toro lagoon base camp is located.

DAY 2: Toro Lagoon - Paso del Viento - Paso del Viento lodge

Duration: 9 to 10 hours
Difficulty: Demanding / Difficult
Ascent: 800 meters

Skirting the northern bank of Toro lagoon up its west end where the river Tunel leads from glaciers you shall know later. After crossing the icy river, the trail leads us to a young moraine area of the lower glacier Tunel, this terrain must be carefully transited due to the large amount of loose stone and dead glacier ice. Once on the glacier, continue parallel to the big moraine on its southern flank until you overpass it towards west. Already on firm ground an uninterrupted slope of two hours will take us to the Del Viento pass. From the Del Viento pass begins the steep descent of 200 metres of elevation to the vicinity of the Ferrari lagoon. From there a nice gentle walk of two hours skirting the Cerro Huemul leads us to Refugio Paso del Viento where you can sleep or camp.

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