Wine bars in El Chaltén

Wine is a pleasure that often accompanies the traveler wherever he goes. In Argentina, Malbec is the emblematic wine that has earned its honor place in the world thanks to the excellence achieved from this grape of French origin. But there are dozens of red wines, white or rose to be found in the wine bars of El Chalten. They also offer hors d'oeuvres and other delights to accompany your favorite wine. You can find craft beers, some locally brewed.

La Vinería

Address: 265, Lago Del Desierto Ave.
Phone: +54 2062 493301 (DDN: 02962 493301)

Gourmet bar serving hors d'oeuvres, wines, craft beers, smoked meat and cheeses. More than 150 labels of wines from small and medium production. Attended by his owners.

La VineríaLa VineríaLa VineríaLa VineríaLa Vinería

The national beverage of Argentina

"Argentine wine is an honorable ambassador in the world and pride of the argentine people who consume in the domestic market the same quality wines that export and prestiges the country in every continent." - it is mentioned by the presidential decree that declared the wine as the national drink on 24th november 2010. Whether for lunch or dinner, it is difficult to imagine the table of Argentines without the presence of a red wine.