El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Hosterías (Inns) in El Chaltén

Hosterías are similar to a small hotel but simpler and have breakfast included in the price. Generally, Hosterías are less formal than hotels and are often attended by its owners. Normally amenities include wireless Internet access, lounge, bar and even a restaurant. Other services can be found such as telephone in the bedroom, satellite TV, safe box, laundry, luggage stored, refrigerator, etc.

A special mention has the Mountain Lodges, an experience for those seeking an exclusive and unique option in their visit to El Chaltén.

Confín Patagónico

Address: 436, Lago del Desierto Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493094 (From Argentina 02962 493094)

4 double rooms with private bathrooms, fully equipped. Rich breakfast buffet with homemade pastries and sweets regional. WiFi. Located 300 meters from the bus terminal and a short walk from the main shops.

Confín PatagónicoConfín PatagónicoConfín PatagónicoConfín PatagónicoConfín Patagónico

Posada y Cabañas El Barranco

Address: 45, Street No 2
Phone: +54 2962 493006 (From Argentina 02962 493006)

With a large garden that surrounds it, El Barranco has 10 rooms with private bathroom, bright, heated with radiators, equipped with sommiere, DirecTV, safe box, hair dryer and Wi-Fi connection throughout the inn. Includes continental breakfast. We also have 3 cabins with covered barbecue.

Posada y Cabañas El BarrancoPosada y Cabañas El BarrancoPosada y Cabañas El BarrancoPosada y Cabañas El BarrancoPosada y Cabañas El Barranco


Address: (n/n), Perito Moreno St.
Phone: +54 2962 493258/336 (From Argentina 02962 493258/336)

20 comfortable rooms and one Family Suite for 5 people, with a view to Mt. Fitz Roy. Full breakfast, Wine Bar, Wood burning fire place, TV room, Internet.



Address: 99, Lago del Desierto Ave. (Hensen St. corner)
Phone: +54 2962 493136 (From Argentina 02962 493136)

Rooms for two, three and four people. Queen and king size beds. Continental breakfast included. Central heating. Wi-Fi zone. Luggage deposit. 5 blocks from the bus station.


El Alamo

Address: 198, San Martín Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493145 (From Argentina 02962 493145)

Capacity for 26 guests in 12 rooms with private bathroom. Continental Breakfast with cereals and sweets. WiFi throughout the inn. Parking. Centrally located on the main avenue. Large windows overlooking the hills. Satellite TV in breakfast room. Comfortable living room overlooking panoramic views.

El AlamoEl AlamoEl AlamoEl AlamoEl Alamo

El Puma

Address: 212, Lionel Terray St.
Phone: +54 2962 493095 (From Argentina 02962 493095)

12 spacious rooms with private bathroom, cosy lounge with wood burning fire, and professional assistance on excursions.

El PumaEl PumaEl PumaEl PumaEl Puma

El Paraíso

Address: 105, Cabo Garcia St.
Phone: +54 2962 493053 (From Argentina 02962 493053)

19 single, double and triple rooms with private bathroom. Spring mattress with sommier. Music in each room.

El ParaísoEl ParaísoEl ParaísoEl ParaísoEl Paraíso


Address: A. Rojo Ave. (Comandante Arrua St. corner)
Phone: +54 2962 493251 (From Argentina 02962 493251)

Exclusive view of Fitz Roy Mount from our 4 double rooms with private bathroom. Spacious and comfortable living room viewing the fantastic landscapes of the place.


Infinito Sur

Address: 208, Riquelme St.
Phone: +54 2962 493325 (From Argentina 02962 493325)

We invite you to unwind and enjoy, as if you were at home, in one of our spacious and comfortable double rooms with private bathroom, carefully decorated and furnished. Begin your day with a full buffet breakfast which includes local and homemade products, while watching the imposing Fitz Roy Mount view from our lounge. Enjoy our bar service every afternoon.

Infinito SurInfinito SurInfinito SurInfinito SurInfinito Sur

Mountain Lodges near to El Chaltén

For further information regarding the Mountain Lodges enter here

Aguas Arriba Lodge

Location: Km 135, Ruta Provincial 23, Lago Del Desierto
Booking - Tel.: +54 11 5272 0342 (DDN: 011 5272 0342) Lodge - Tel.: +54 11 4152 5697 (DDN: 011 4152 5697)

An exclusive all inclusive experience in the heart of the mountains. The lodge, an eco friendly building, has 6 rooms with private bathroom that makes you feel at home. Stunning views of Fitz Roy range and Vespignani glacier fill the house. Access is via a 3-hour trek or a navigation of 10 min. along the eastern margin of the lake.

Aguas Arriba LodgeAguas Arriba LodgeAguas Arriba LodgeAguas Arriba LodgeAguas Arriba Lodge

El Pilar

Location: Río de las Vueltas valley, 17 Km. from El Chaltén
Phone: Phone: 02962 493002 (DDN: +54 2962 493002)

9 rooms with private bathrooms and excellent views. Restaurant, library room, living with wood burning fire. Located a few steps from Río Blanco and trekking trails.

More hosterías in El Chaltén

Posada del Águila

Address: 244, Costanera del Río de las Vueltas Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493375 (DDN: 02962 493375)


Address: 211, Lionel Terray Str.
Phone: -

12 rooms (9 double rooms and 3 quadruple rooms) with private bathroom. Breakfast included. Outdoor parking area. Panoramic views from the bar. Attended by its owners.

Fitz Roy Inn

Address: (n/n) San Martín St.
Phone: +54 2962 493062 (DDN: 02962 493062)

Lago Viedma

Address: 71, Ricardo Arbilla St
Phone: +54 2962 493089 (DDN: 02962 493089)

Inspired on the Patagonian Estancias, warm and comfortable double and single rooms with private toilette. Continental breakfast included. View to Fitz Roy and it's spires-.

Kau Si Aike

Address: (n/n) Lago del Desierto Ave.
Phone: +54 2962 493279/340 (DDN: 02962 493279/340)

8 double rooms + 2 duplex for 6 persons, all rooms with fantastic views to Fitz Roy Mt., Cerro Torre and Andes range.

Pudu Lodge

Address: 97, Las Loicas St.
Phone: +54 2962 493365 (DDN: 02962 493365)

Los Ñires

Address: Av. Lago del Desierto 545
Phone: +54 2962 493009 (DDN: 02962 493009)

Altas Cumbres

Address: 32, Lionel Terray St.
Phone: +54 2962 493060 (DDN: 02962 493060)


Address: 415, Lionel Terray St.
Phone: +54 2962 493304 (DDN: 02962 493304)

Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple rooms with private bathroom and central water heating. Continental breakfast is included. Hosted by its owners.

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