El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Healthy products stores in El Chaltén

In these stores you will find food consciously chosen to take care of your health: cereals, nuts, seeds to accompany a good breakfast or dehydrated products to carry the mountain, among others.

If you need specific products for your diet and you are concerned about where to get them for your trip, now you know you can purchase them in El Chaltén.

ALMAZEN Tienda Natural

Address: 445, Comandante Arrúa St.

On the same premises you'll find natural food supplies such as different flours (potato etc.) Seasonings, flavourings and dressings. Rice, oats, corn, bran, wheat (wholemeal) cereals for breakfasts, seeds, tea, coffee and branded dehydrated products for both diabetics and celiacs. Also incense and aromatic substances.

ALMAZEN Tienda NaturalALMAZEN Tienda NaturalALMAZEN Tienda NaturalALMAZEN Tienda NaturalALMAZEN Tienda Natural