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To telephone you must dial the area code before the number:
From Argentina 02962 and from abroad 54 2962.

Viento Oeste

Address: 898, San Martín Av. (nearby Madsen camp)
Phone: 493200

Description: Handicrafts, books, posters, postcard, clothes, T-Shirts, maps, ceramics, wool fabrics, bijouterie.

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La Chocolatería "Josh Aike"

Address: 103, Lago del Desierto Av. (Hensen corner)
Phone: 493008

Description: To return home with sweet memories of El Chaltén: boxes full of traditional chocolate bars, and the most exquisite and famous alfajores of Patagonia!

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Aires del Sur
Address: (n/n), San Martín Av. (M. M. de Güemes Av. corner)
Phone: 493283
Address: 85, Av. San Martín
Phone: 493238
Address: 120, M. M. de GŁemes Av. (Loc 1.)
Phone: 493250
El Mundo de Sofi
Address: (n/n),San Martín Av.
Phone: 493019
El Viento nos amontona
Address: 320, San Martín Av. (Loc. 2)
Phone: 493361
Address: 320, San Martín Av. (Loc 3.)
Phone: 493361
Address: 664, San Martín Av.
Phone: 493163

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