Spa & Health Club in El Chaltén

We could say that if something is missing to make your visit to El Chaltén unforgettable, it could well be a Spa where you can recharge energy and enjoy a moment to relax in the mountains. Making contact with the natural beauty and unspoiled nature in El Chaltén leave an indelible mark in your memory; accompanying this intimate experience, a Spa offers you a refreshing dose of harmony to your body and mind.

Spa & Cabin Yaten

Address: 36, San Martín Ave.
Phone: ++54 2962 493394 (DDN 02962 493394)

Located in the central area of ​​El Chalten, with a privileged view and high quality products, Spa Yaten offers a relaxing time and not only physical but also mental. We have a dry sauna for 4 people, 6 jacuzzis (one double and five singles), one jade bed, sportive and relaxing massage, one massage chair and several face treatments.

Spa & Cabin YatenSpa & Cabin YatenSpa & Cabin YatenSpa & Cabin YatenSpa & Cabin Yaten