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As a quick guide we list for you basic information you should consider when it comes to plan your trip:

Argentinian Republic
Official language: Spanish.
Money: Peso Argentino.
Passport: Valid 6 months.
Visa: not required for most countries (Permission to stay: 90 days).
Vaccinations: are not necessary.
Electricity: 220V / 50Hz.

El Chaltén
International Dialling Code: 0054 2962.
Local Dialling Code: 02962.
How to get there: by land from El Calfate (215 Km).
Closest airport: El Calafate (210 Km).
Weather: Southern Summer is dry, windy and very variable.
Average minimum temperature: -2ºC (winter).
Average maximum temperature: 16ºC (summer).

Not available services in town
Money exchange agencies.
Mobile phones service.

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