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If you choose to visit El Chalten, it is because you are looking for Nature in its purest state.

In this almost uninhabited latitude of the planet, the wildlife finds in its valleys and mountains a remote virgin paradise, unaware of contamination and human presence. In fact, many species can only exist in these conditions: The Huemul -endemic endangered specie- still has its own space where it fights a constant battle for survival, resisting the slow but gradual deterioration of its habitat.

When you walk through the silent forest of El Chalten, pay special attention to the different bird sounds, many of them slightly visible. In general you will be surprise by the prevailing calm surrounding you… and probably inmerse in so much life, contemplating the beauty and inmensity of the mountains and glaciers, without expecting it, you will find “silence”, extinct “specie” from big cities a long time ago, also possible to be something that you have never “known”.


The climate and the geography define different conditions for the vegetation, that in general have adapted to cold, harsh winds and mostly to poor or even lack of soil. During Summer time you will find a great variety of beautiful flourishing flowers alongside the trails; with their white presence, yellow and blue tints...

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Whithout doubt, birds are the main characters in this region but the Condor takes the leading part for its imposing flight -the largest of flying birds from America– as well as the Giant Woodpecker in the forest. Within the mammal group you find the puma (Felis Concolor), the grey fox (Dusicyon griseus), the red fox (Dusicyon culpaeus) and the guanaco in the steppe close to El Chaltén.

Flora Guide

This Guide synthesise the most representative species from the area by morphological groups. Ideal for printing and taking with you during your journey.

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Remember you will find photographs of Nature from El Chaltén area when you enter in the Photo Galeries.

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