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Reccomendations before you travel to El Chaltén

Book your accommodation and tours well ahead so you will not get any surprises. Make use of at least three days to visit this gorgeous place.

Book your accommodation well in advance

High season goes from January to March. During this period is when most of tourists arrive so it is highly recommended to book your accommodation well in advance. Basic tourist services – like lodgings and transport – operate regularly from October till April. Other services such as guided tours vary depending on tour operators’ availability.

If you come by car

If you come driving your own car keep the low lights on and the security belt well fastened. Check that the auxiliary tyre is in good condition and it is not exaggerated to carry extra fuel just in case anything happen during the journey.

If you come in winter

Although it can be visited all year round, remember that the roads can be cut off during winter because of snow storms; therefore it is necessary to count with some extra time in case you have to wait to get in and out of the village. Enquire which accommodation will be open during this time of the year. If you happen to drive a car, ask for road reports and always use chains or nailed tyres to drive on ice or snow.

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