El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Recommendations during your stay in El Chaltén

Help us to preserve the beauty and purity of this place so that future generations will be able to find the same magic you are about to discover.

When you hike

Sendero a Poiedra del Fraile

•  Try to go walking with other people and get to know the difficulty of the itinerary.
•  Bear in mind the total duration of the itinerary so you can complete it in daylight.
•  Hike only on permitted trails and never leave them. Do not try to make shortcuts.
•  Pay attention to the trail signs on your way inside the National Park.
•  Even when the sun is shining, take a top to keep you warm and a waterproof jacket.
•  Try to use UV sunglasses when watching glaciers from a short distance.
•  Use UV suncream even when it is cloudy.
•  Keep clean trails and places you visit.
•  Try to minimize disturbance to wildlife.
•  Never light a fire no matter what or where you are.
•  Bring your rubbish back to the village.
•  Do not take any keepsakes from nature.
•  If you find any litter in your way, it is a good idea to pick it up and carry it back to the village.

When you camp in free Campsites

Poincenot campsite - Trail to Laguna de Los Tres

•  Keep them clean and look after the site.
•  Camp only in permitted areas and place your tent at least 50m away from water courses.
•  Never light fire in any campsite.
•  Keep food out of reach of animals that live in the Park.
•  Do not throw any litter, soap or detergent to the water. Do not use streams and rivers as toilets. Do not wash your clothes or dishes in the water (Use a container). Keep soap and detergent far from rivers and lakes.
•  Respect your neighbour’s night time.

This area is the puma’s natural habitat. Although it is unusual to see it, remember:
•  Do not walk alone and if you walk with children do not leave them unattended.
•  Do not take pets with you.
•  In case of meeting a puma, do not panic or run. Try to show you are bigger and taller, rise your arms up, and do not bend over. Go away slowly without turning your back to the animal.