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To visit El Chalten is an adventure and you should be prepared to live it to the full. Whatever the duration of your stay in the area of El Chalten we suggest you to read very carefully each of the following recommendations so you can fully enjoy your trip:

When you decide to travel

What you should bring with you

When you arrive

During your stay

The following items are a few basic recommendations you should take into consideration:


This is an ideal destination for walking lovers, whether you walk for a few minutes, many hours or even for many days. Most of the trails are along soft slopes that do not represent any difficulty for people with “normal” fitness. Except for expeditions or guided ascents, it is not necessary to have great strength or aerobic capacity nor previous training. Our body is designed for walking, but the “modern” living style of today does not include daily walks in our routines. If you are a person with sedentary habits we suggest you to do at least a few previous walks to be better prepared.

Booking accommodation

The most demanding time for accommodation is during January and February months and Easter, so it is very important to book at least 30 days in advance.


Patagonia is famous for its unpredictable and changeable weather as well as its strong winds during the southern summer. Particularly in El Chalten area, it is frequent to get cloudy or rainy days during summer time and the contrasting temperatures between day and night are accentuated because of the proximity to the Southern Ice Cap. If you are going to spend the night in any base camp bear in mind that it is not uncommon to get small amount of snow, especially in October, November, March and April months. Good footwear (trekking boots preferably) and good wrapping up using the layer concept (this involves wearing a base layer that allows a quick sweat evaporation and drying, then another top to keep you warm and finally a windproof coat) are most recommended.

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