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What you need to bring with you

Comfortable and waterproof clothing is more than necessary to bring with you to avoid any surprises with the unpredictable Patagonian weather. Remember you can hire clothing and equipment in El Chaltén.

This is a basic checklist of things you should not forget to bring

•  Specific trekking shoes (waterproof if possible).
•  Polartec top (deep, zip neck if possible).
•  Windproof top.
•  100 % UV Sunglasses.
•  UV Suncream (factor 30 or higher).
•  Hat.
•  Gloves.
•  Socks.
•  Extra batteries (low temperatures reduce their duration).
•  Memory cards or Camera films.

If you go camping

•  Stove and extra Gas (it is prohibit to make fire in free campsites).
•  Plastic and black bin bags.
•  Headtorch (suggested) and extra batteries.
•  First Aid kit (different sized bandages, antiseptic wound cleanser, sterile dressing, pain relief tablets etc).

Other recommendations:

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