Trekking in Chaltén & Lago del Desierto
by Miguel Alonso

Publisher: Los Glaciares
ISBN: 9789872101220
Second Edition
It includes maps and color photographs
Languages: Spanish / English
Dimensions: 4.7 x 7,9 " (12 x 20 cm)
Pages: 220

Price: AR$ 440,00

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This book presents El Chaltén and its many attractions for trekking lovers. With a clear and friendly style, The author describes walking trails that run through unique landscapes where visitors can discover a succession of forests, lakes glaciers and granite peaks of majestic beauty.

Handy designed for travelers, this edition offers the reader further updated information, photos and travel experiences using the Web and the social networks.

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About the author

Miguel Angel Alonso was born in Santander, Spain and lived in the town of El Calafate for 30 years. With numerous expeditions in the Patagonian Continental Ice Fields, he reflects his experience as a mountain guide at the Los Glaciares National Park, and his wealth of knowledge as a tireless explorer of Southern Patagonia.

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