La Vinería

Welcome to the best WINE BAR in south PATAGONIA... where savory appetizers, warm and friendly people mix together to make a perfect concoction, on the shadows of the majestic FITZ ROY Montt.

We are an Argentine wine bar with over 250 wines from 10 different states from all over the Country.

We also count with more than 50 craft beers between porters pale ale, stouts, barley wines, lagers, pilsener and fruity beers.

Both beers & wine can be pair with tasty Patagonian smoked, cured meat & cheeses platters.

Come in and visit us and enjoy this cozy pub in an unique landscape where travelers and climbers are gonna share their amazing stories about trips & mountaineering.


First we think that you should know what means PICADA?
PICADA is an European appetizer coming here with the italian & spanish immigrants.
It is served in a Wood platter where different kind of cheeses, cured meat salamis, cocked Vegetables, olives, bread and more...
It is called appetizer because of people use toe at it before the main dish.
In our country THE PICADA TIME is a good moment to spend with friends in a bar taking a drink.
PICADA can be a dish itself, VISIT US AND TRY IT !!!

Individual platters of :

Patagonian smocked.
Mix platters to share.
IBERICA (different kinds of cold cuts as italian ,spanish and farmer style salami, Procciuto, Ham, smocked tenderlion of pork meat, leberwurst, chicken stuffing, beef stuffing, Olives, beef in a vinager sauce, home made bread).
VEGETARIAN (Cocked and flasked vegetables homemade such as sparragos, red bell pepper in olive oil, egg plant in escabeche sauce, White beans in vinager sauce, sun dry tomatoes in olive oil and basil, Italian antipasto, potatoes omelette, smocked patagonian mushroom in olive oil, homemade bread).
LAVINERIA (MIX of those discribed upper line plus a platter with five different kind of cheeses).

Beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarians Pies (EMPANADAS) are served too.

wines & beers

Argentine wine is the most valued in the world and we invite you to taste the difference that hand-selected and sorted grapes grown in the most ideal environment can make. MALBEC is our name in the world but do not miss the chance to taste the different varietals.
According with each dish: 'Argentina has the most beautiful Malbecs in the world; strong and aromatic Torrontes; and exceptional red and White wines that day after day are included among the greatest in the world. Besides, she is able to have an European idea of wine as well as a New World idea of enology.' -- LOUIS HARVOUX, President of FIJEV (French association of enology).

This list includes some of the many winneries you can find in our open cellar:

PATAGONIA (Chilly and windy is the weather here, good for Merlot & Pinot noir grapes)
Familia Shroeder (Saurus), Province of Neuquén.
Finca roja (vinos Calafate) Province of Neuquén.
Familia del Rio Elorza (Verum series) Province of Neuquén.
Humberto Canale, Province of Rio Negro.
Infinitus, Province of Rio Negro.
Bodega NQN, Province of Neuquén.
Bodega 25/5, Province of La Pampa.

SALTA Y NOA (Best Torrontes in the Word, aromatic, dry and fruity, emblematic Argentinian White wine).
Colome (Valles Calchaquíes, Province of Salta).
Bodega Amalaya (Cafayate, Province of Salta).
Bodega VAS (Cafayate, Province of Salta).
Bodega Echart (Cafayate, Province of Salta).
Bodega El Esteco (Cafayate, Province of Salta).
Finca Don Diego (Valle de Famatina, Province of Catamarca).

SAN JUAN (Land of the best Shiraz in Argentina, fruity and spicy)
Bodegas Callia.
Bodega Augusto Pulenta.
Graffigna (Centenario series).
Bodega Tierra Mayor.

MENDOZA (Is recognized in the world as the Malbec spot in Argentina).
Bodega Salentein.
Bodega Viniterra.
Bodega Las Perdices.
Bodegas Septima.
Ernesto Catena wines.
Catena Zapata.
Vi–edos Atilio Avena.
Finca Zorzal.
Algodon wines.
Ricardo Santos wines.
Bodega Renacer (Punto Final series).
Joffre e hijas.
Familia Cecchin (handcrafted wines).
Bodega Tapiz.


Come in to our place and taste the famous Patagonian smoked made of meat of:

Rainbow trout
Wild board.

You will find a wide variety of gourmet cheeses made of cow, gout and sheep milk such as Crottin, Camenbert, Cabrambert, Reclette, Brie, Vachereleau, Gruyere, Blue cheese, Chevrotin, dutch, Gouda and more...


Address: 265, Lago Del Desierto Ave.

 Location in El Chaltén town

Contact details
La Vinería Wine Bar
265, Lago Del Desierto Ave.
Z9301XAF - El Chaltén
Province of Santa Cruz
Patagonia Argentina
Phone: ++54 2962 493301
From Argentina: 02962 493301