About us

We are a family business in El Calafate, which has been working in tourism for more than 15 years, and our mission is to meet the expectations of each passenger during their stay in Patagonia. In a professional, reliable and safe way.

We have a minibus with capacity for 19 passengers, which is not only enabled for private trips within the Province of Santa Cruz, but also of the Patagonian Andean Lakes Corridor.

Our service is dedicated to both personal private services and Travel Agencies.

Frequent destinations

"Armando Tola" International Airport.

Perito Moreno glacier.

Torres del Paine National Park.

"La Leona" Petrified Forest.

Estancia Helsinfors.

El Chaltén - Lago del Desierto.

Consult for special trips.


The reservation is made through the button Booking request at the beginning of this page. You can also contact us through the Send a query button, we will answer you as soon as possible.

It is convenient to book in advance!

Useful information

Argentina, the country

Official language: Spanish.
National currency: Argentine Peso.
Passport: minimum validity of 6 months.
Visas for tourism: authorized period of stay of is up to 90 days.
Vaccination for foreigners: Yellow Fever Vaccine is mandatory only in case of visiting forested areas of the north and northeast of Argentina, the borders with Brazil and Paraguay at altitudes below 2300 masl, including Iguazu Falls.
It is advisable to take out travel insurance to cover medical expenses abroad, including medical transfer.
Electric network: 220V / 50Hz.

El Chaltén

National Direct Dialing Code: 02962.
International Direct Dialing Code: 0054 2962.
How to get there: land route from El Calafate to 215 Km.
Nearest airport: El Calafate at 200 Km.
Climate in the austral summer: dry, windy and very variable.
Minimum average temperature: 33ºF (-1ºC) on winter.
Maximum average temperature: 59ºF (+15ºC) on summer.

Available services in El Chaltén

ATM: Red Link, Banco Santa Cruz.
Postal Mail: Correo Argentino.
Mobile telephony network: 2G, Movistar only.
Fuel: gasoline and diesel.

Services NOT available

Money Exchange agencies.