Yaten Spa & Cabin

The welfare is achieved when body, mind and spirit are in harmony. In Spa Yaten we think that every moment is unique, and each person can stop, take that time so much needed with yourself, looking for relax, benefiting the body, relaxing the mind and nourish the soul.

In Spa Yaten, you can also enjoy delicious teas strands as jasmine, white tea, chamomile, lavender, among others, coffee, or a nice cool drink while enjoying the view of the mountains and the forest. You can also find Lighuen and Exel premium products for skin care.

Being a unique offer in El Chalten seek further excel in our quality care and products.

We look forward to sharing the experience of relaxing in El Chaltén.

Yaten Spa & Health Club
36, San Martín Av. (9301) El Chaltén
Tel: +54 2962 493394
Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina
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