Mountain Bike from Lago del Desierto

Cycle on the scenic route from the lake to El Chaltén with the advantage of always having the prevailing wind from behind!

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Season: October to April
Difficulty: moderate
Departure: 08:00 hs
Length: 6 hours minimum, 10 hours maximum

Bicycles with front suspension, gloves, helmet, water bottle, repair kit and extra camera


Cycling on the road from Lago del Desierto to El Chaltén is an activity that has become a classic for those looking to make a mountain-bike crossing in a day.

This organized activity begins in El Chaltén with a transfer that leaves at 08.00 a.m. and arrives at Punta Sur in Lago del Desierto at approximately 09.30 a.m. Once there, you have a full day to wander and explore the route that crosses the valley of the De las Vueltas River, with enough time to make stops on the way and to do some treks.

The first of the possible hikes starts right there: to the Huemul Glacier, which demands between 1.30 or 2.00 hours. See trek.

Another option in the Lago del Desierto is the excursion to the Vespignani Glacier Reserve, which combines navigation and trekking. At the end you return at 12.30 to ride your bike and start pedaling towards El Chaltén.

In this activity cyclists are provided with bikes with front suspension, gloves, helmet, water bottle, repair kit and extra camera.

The whole road is unpaved, with some uphill in the first kilometres going through the native Lenga forest and several mountain rivers. The views are extraordinary, standing out the omnipresent Mount Chaltén that can be appreciated from the North.

Possible activities along the way:

Km 0: In the Lago Del Desierto: trekking to the Huemul glacier and lagoon (Duration: 2 hours round trip, entrance fee), navigation in the Lago del Desierto and trekking to the Vespignani glacier (Duration: 2.30 hours round trip).

Km 21: Los Huemules Natural Reserve and its classic trail to the Laguna Azul and Laguna Verde (Duration: 2 hours round trip)

Km 24: Río Blanco (Hostería El Pilar), from the head trail to the Piedras Blancas Glacier viewpoint (Duration: 3 hours round trip).

Km 33: Chorrillo Del Salto waterfall in Los Glaciares National Park.

Km 37: El Chaltén, with its classic trail heads to the most popular self-guided walks within the National Park.

In total it's about 4 to 5 hours by bike, plus another 5 hours to do some activities on the lake or the route. The time limit to reach El Chaltén is at 8.00 p.m.

For those people who do not want to complete the 37 km bike ride to El Chaltén, there is the option to finish at Bonanza camp site (25 km) where they will be picked up in the afternoon.

Excursion value

AR$ 3600
(AR$ 2400 from Los Huemules)

Huemul Glacier

One of the treks you can take during this full-day bike ride.

See Trek

Laguna Azul

Another trek to a hidden lagoon in Estancia Los Huemuless.

See Trek


Transfer in minibus. Zenith Riva / Calea Aluminiun bike / Shimano 24-speed gear / Disc brakes / Front suspension / Gloves-Helmet-Bottle- Repair kit and extra camera. Insurance against personal accidents.

Not Included

Pack lunch or snacks. Price of excursions or entrance fees to trails on private property.

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