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Since 1993, Viento Oeste has offered souvenirs and rental of mountain equipment

Rental and sale of equipment and clothing:
Ice and Rock Climbing equipment, jackets, boots, backpacks, sleeping bags, Gas and Solvent Fillers

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Technical clothing for trekking and mountaineering.

Regional crafts and souvenirs:
Crafts in wood, fabric, wool and paper; Ceramics, T-shirts, Souvenirs, Regional items.

Books, guides, maps, postcards, posters.

Equipment and clothing rental



Stove (includes cooking set for 2)

$ 1.900

Camping pot

$ 1.250

Sleeping bag

$ 4.900


$ 900

Waterproof jacket

$ 5.000

Waterproof trouser

$ 5.000

Trekking boots

$ 5.000

Light trekking boots

$ 6.250

Expedition plastic boots

$ 8.750

Expedition leather boots (GoreTex)

$ 8.750

Big backpacks (40L or more)

$ 6.900

Baby carrier backpack

$ 6.900

Small backpacks (25L or less)

$ 2.500

Leki three-piece trekking poles EACH

$ 1.900

One-piece trekking poles EACH

$ 1.150

Metal 6 spikes crampons

$ 7.500

Silicone crampons

$ 6.250

Harness (includes 1 carabiner with lock)

$ 5.750

Carabiner with lock EACH

$ 1.130

Walking pickaxe

$ 3.900


$ 4.000

TSL snowshoe

$ 4.400

Snow gaiters

$ 2.500

Recovery rope (tangled)

$ 1.200

Recovery rope (untangled)

$ 1.500


$ 1.650

Snow stakes

$ 1.700


$ 750

* Prices expressed in ARGENTINE PESOS.

For renting gear is essential to leave a warranty.

We accept payment with credit and debit cards.

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898, San Martín Ave., El Chaltén, Santa Cruz province, Patagonia Argentina

Distance from the entrance to El Chaltén: 1.100 m.

Distance from Comandante Armando Tola International Airport (El Calafate): 115 miles (2.5 hours by car or bus).

Useful information

Argentina, the country

Official language: Spanish.
National currency: Argentine Peso.
Passport: minimum validity of 6 months.
Visas for tourism: authorized period of stay of is up to 90 days.
Vaccination for foreigners: Yellow Fever Vaccine is mandatory only in case of visiting forested areas of the north and northeast of Argentina, the borders with Brazil and Paraguay at altitudes below 2300 masl, including Iguazu Falls.
It is advisable to take out travel insurance to cover medical expenses abroad, including medical transfer.
Electric network: 220V / 50Hz.

El Chaltén

National Direct Dialing Code: 02962.
International Direct Dialing Code: 0054 2962.
How to get there: land route from El Calafate to 134 Km.
Nearest airport: El Calafate at 125 mi.
Climate in the austral summer: dry, windy and very variable.
Minimum average temperature: 33ºF (-1ºC) on winter.
Maximum average temperature: 59ºF (+15ºC) on summer.

Available services in El Chaltén

ATM (Red Link, Banco Santa Cruz).
Postal Mail: Correo Argentino.
Mobile network: 3G (Movistar and Claro companies).
On Bank.
Fuel: gasoline and diesel.

Services NOT available

Money Exchange agencies.