Apartments in El Chaltén

They allow you total autonomy and freedom during your stay. With a kitchen equipped to store, refrigerate, prepare and serve food, are a perfect option for groups of 2 or more people.

Featured apartments

Latitud 49 Aparts

145, Ricardo Arbilla Str.
02962 493347

Apartments up to 4 people each. Complete kitchen, fridge, microwave , LCD 22" with DVD, WI-FI. Private bathroom, Central heating. Clean service, heets and towels. OPENED ALL YEAR ROUND.

Meraki Lofts

84, Los Alamos Str.
02962 493064

Opening in 2021. Equipped with a ceramic hob, microwave oven, toaster, electric kettle, refrigerator and the best quality crockery. Bathroom with hairdryer, manual bidet, shower box, heated towel rail. Room with queen size box springs (double or single), with top quality bedding! WiFi 24hs, safe in the rooms, Smart TV. 2 units with second room for third guest or office. Large deck with barbeque and outdoor furniture in common area. Independent entrance and possibility of joining two / three aparts.

Río Negro Aparts

156, Antonio Rojo Ave.
02966 15 642860

Six aparts for 2 to 6 people, fully equipped. Kitchen with gas oven, fridge and full tableware set. TV, WI-FI. Full bathroom. Central heating. We accept pets!.

Madre e Hija

72, Ricardo Arbilla Str.
02966 15 445460

Two apartments of 44 m2 each, overlooking the Cerro Chaltén (Fitz Roy Mt.), from the room and the kitchen. Our "mountain refuge", as we like to call it, is located between two avenues and it is very easy to find. We offer you a warm, cozy, new accommodation, with everything you need to enjoy your stay. Well equipped kitchen: electric hob, electric oven, refrigerator, electric kettle and toaster. Each apartment has an independent access. Free Wi-Fi connection. Shared garden.

Andino Aparts

45, Llao Llao Str.
011 15 4162 3898

New apartments, spacious, bright, overlooking the mountains. With kitchen, living room and private bathroom. Breakfast included and reception at the establishment. It has 6 residential units for 2 passengers and 4 units for 4 passengers. Free WiFi, a flat-screen TV and a kitchen with a microwave, toaster and kettle.

Casa Huemules

Estancia Los Huemules, 17 Km away of El Chaltén
+54 9 11 2313 3638

Comfortable and practical two-story house located in the mountain village of Los Huemules. The house has three bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, living room with large windows and beautiful views of the surrounding forest, mountains and glaciers in the area, including Mount Fitz Roy. Fully Equipped kitchen, and a small laundry room.

Águila Mora Aparts

137, Águila Mora Ave.
011 15 23133638

Ground floor two rooms apartments. One bedroom with queen double bed, spacious closets and DirecTV. Fully equipped kitchen/ dining room. Has a sofá/double bed in the living room. Spacious bathroom with tub. Central heating, and Wi-Fi service. Located a few meters from the head of the trail to Laguna Torre.

El Chaltén Aparts

326, Riquelme Str.
011 15 2299 8637

Five fully equipped apartments, designed to satisfy all your needs. We offer all the amenities with healthy and delicious breakfast to start the day. Located 600 meters from the Bus Station, in a quiet side of the village. It is a place to rest, relaxing and enjoy your stay.

What facilities do the apartments offer?

They usually have amenities for 2 or more people, two or more rooms, kitchen-dining room and in some cases breakfast included in the rate. The kitchen usually has a refrigerator, microwave, hob, a gas oven, utensils to prepare and serve food and cleaning elements. A master bedroom with a double bed or two separate beds, and additional bedroom with more beds or sofa-bed in the living room. This category is ideal for couples or families who want privacy, independence and total freedom during the stay.


The facilities are similar to the apartments, to which you can add your own garden or outdoor grill.

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More apartments


71, Mc Leod Str.

Without phone

Anita's Houses

249, San Martín Ave.

02962 493288

Campo Base

56, Lago del Desierto Ave.

0294 15 4601804

La Roca

95, San Martín Ave.

02966 15 750760

Polo Aparts

68, Leonel Terray Sr.

Without phone

La Avenida

21, San Martín Ave.

02962 493326

El Caburé

468, Lago del Desierto Ave.

02962 493118

Como en Casa

391, Comandante Arrúa Str.

Without phone

Casas Del Centro

54, Antonio de Viedma Str.

02966 15 467558

Mirador Del Bosque

321, Del Coirón Ave.

0249 15 4635291

Confluencia Aparts

134, San Martín Ave.

02962 493293

Lagos del Sur

91, San Martín Ave.

02962 493215

Lo de Tere

175, San Martín Ave.

Without phone

Kalenshen Aparts

50, Lionel Terray St.

02962 493108

Senderos Suites & Aparts

98, Trevisán Str.

02966 15 652860

Las Cachañas

33, Los Charitos Ave.

02966 15 702931


58, Los Sauces Str.

02966 15 386436

Sur Azul

77, Albert Konrad Str.

02962 493119

Casa Andina

56, Iñaki Coussirat Str.

02962 493305

Los Coirones

7, Águila Mora Str.

Without phone

Patagonia Natural Apart

62, Los Glaciares Str.

02966 15 652860

Casa Estudio Apart

126, Cerro Solo Str.

02962 493286

Mutisia's Home

85, Cabo García Str.

02962 15 482044

El Faldeo

220, Las Loicas Str.

02962 493060

Lo De Tomy

480, San Martín Ave.

02962 493254

Vientos de Sur

68, Eduardo Brenner Str.

02962 493016

Ruta 40

435, Comandante Arrúa Str.

011 15 39235662


122, San Martín Ave.

02962 493234

Buena Vista Chaltén

691, Las Loicas Str.

02966 15 724833

Chaltén Aparts 365

65, Llao Llao Ave.

02966 15 512294

Guillaumet Aparts

352, Comandante Arrúa Str.

02962 493191

El viento nos amontona

85, Iñaki Coussirat Str.

0351 3805583

La Protegida

191, Rosa Sepúlveda Str.

02966 15 721060

Las Agachonas

88, Eduardo Brenner Str.

02962 493334

Patagonia Hikes Aparts

505, Comandante Arrúa Str.

02962 493359

El Kamaruco

129, Los Charitos Ave.

02966 15 617837

Ekos de Saint Exupery

76, Saint Exupery Str.

0249 15 4516963


122, Cabo García Str.

Without phone

La Ribera

471, Comandante Arrúa Sr.

011 15 5584 0811

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