What to do in El Chaltén?

El Chaltén is the Argentine Capital of Trekking. In this stunning natural environment you have multiple and varied options for walking, climbing, excursions.

Self-guided Treks

Most of the trails are free of charge and you do not need any previous experience in the mountains. In the most demanding treks you can hire a guide for your peace of mind and to help you discover the most of every place. Whether you have only a few hours or you stay for several days, here are the “Must See” in El Chaltén.

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You can visit viewpoints with spectacular panoramic views using little time and effort!

Classic treks

Chorrillo Del Salto

Easy     3 hours

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Mirador Del Torre

Easy     3 to 4 hours

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Laguna Capri

Easy     4 to 5 hours

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Pliegue Tumbado

Moderate     7 to 8 hours

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Laguna Torre

Moderate     7 to 8 hours

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Laguna De los Tres

Moderate     8 to 9 hours

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The local adventure specialists propose you to live different activities in this mountain paradise. In some cases you will know places that are impossible to reach in any other way. According to your age, available time and physical condition, you can choose from a guided tour of a historical site to a crossing in the Southern Continental Patagonian Ice.

Excursions   Agencies

Contact the Travel Agencies and Tourist Service Providers, directly and without intermediaries to book your place!

Featured excursions

Madsen Old House

Easy     1.5 hours

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La Leona Petrified Forest

Easy     8 hours

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El Relincho Horseriding

Easy     4 hours

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Kayak in Lago del Desierto

Easy     2.30 hours

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Fishing Excursion

Easy     10 hours

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The Chaltén is located at the end of the valley of the De las Vueltas River, which can be experienced until its source in the Lago Del Desierto. Whether driving a private car or renting a car, or riding a mountain bike, you will go through one of the most beautiful scenic routes in Patagonia, crossing the native forest with so many panoramic views of the mountains and glaciers that you will want to stop at every occasion

Car rides   Mountain-bike

Travel by car or mountain bike one of the most beautiful scenic routes in Patagonia.

Camp sites

If you are traveling with your backpack, it is because you are looking for a place to set up your tent and fully enjoy the contact with nature. You do not need to bring everything with you since you can rent your tent, stove, butane gas bottles and other items in any of the shops where you rent equipment.

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There are base camps in the National Park and private camp sites in El Chaltén and in De las Vueltas river valley.

Guided trekking and expeditions

Trekking with camping, crossings and ascents to several of the most remote and virgin mountains of the world are some of the proposals. Numerous Tourist Service Providers offer all the logistics and the most skilled guides so that your experience is safe and pleasant

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These are the powerful emotions, what thousands of trekking lovers dream to live in El Chaltén.

Photos courtesy of the following companies are included: Fitz Roy Expediciones, Patagonia Travellers' Hostel, Serac Expediciones and Walk Patagonia