The local adventure specialists propose you to live exciting experiences in this authentic mountain paradise, in which you will reach places impossible to know otherwise.

Excursions from El Chaltén

According to your age, available time and physical condition, you can choose from a quiet visit to a historic site near the town, to a combined trekking in rock and ice with an overnight stay in a mountain refuge.

Dare to explore remote areas of the hand of qualified guides who will provide all the security to enjoy the mountain or water, even without prior technical expertise.

Live the adventure on land, water, rock and ice!

Featured Excursions in the area

Enter each excursion to see all the details and prices. Contact to the tour operators without intermediaries to make your query or reservation.

Via Ferrata of the Canyon

Combines safely rock climbing, climbing and walking, intended for those with no mountaineering experience.

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Ice Trek Glaciar Cagliero

An exciting and demanding excursion that combines a valley walk, via ferrata and trekking on the Cagliero glacier.

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Fishing Excursion

Fly-fishing and full-day spinning excursion at Lago Del Desierto and the De las Vueltas river.

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Madsen Museum House

Guided tour to Andreas Madsen Museum House, one of the first inhabitants of De las Vueltas River valley.

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Kayak in the Lago del Desierto

Row in this fantastic lake of turquoise waters surrounded by native forest and wonderful views of the hills and glaciers.

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Full Day Bonanza Adventure

Pure adrenaline in a Mountain Bike and Rafting adventure through the De las Vueltas river valley.

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Bonanza horseback riding

Cross the native forest and ford streams to the most remote corners of the Estancia mounted on your horse.

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Refugio de Glaciares: a day of science

Guided exploration in a private reserve to the Eastern Cagliero Glacier, Laguna Rosa and Milodon.

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Ice Trek Glaciar Neumeyer

Discover virgin terrain, climb the rock through via ferrata and explore a high mountain glacier.

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Half Day Kayak Río De las Vueltas

Connect with deep emotions between the river, the mountain and the forest in one of the most beautiful valleys in Patagonia.

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Chaltén Kayak

A row that runs through De las Vueltas river valley immersed in an impressive landscape of mountains and glaciers.

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La Leona Petrified Forest

Explore a stunning reservoir of petrified trunks and fossil bones in an impressive eroded landscape.

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Estancia Bonanza Full Day

A full day adventure: horseback riding, kayaking or trekking combined with the delights of Patagonian cuisine.

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Full Day Laguna De los Tres

Visit one of the most desired natural attractions in Patagonia with this excursion that begins and ends in El Calafate.

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Estancia Bonanza Mountain Bike

Pedal through forests and mountain streams, enjoying stunning views of the Del Bosque range and the Fitz Roy massif.

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Chaltén Rafting

Paddle for 16 kilometers through a succession of rapids in the Río de las Vueltas, with impressive views and lots of adrenaline!

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Photos: "Kayak in the Lago del Desierto" courtesy of Zona Austral Turismo, "La Leona Petrified Forest" courtesy of Morresi Viajes, "Mountain Bike from the Lago del Desierto" courtesy of Viento a Favor MTB, "Rafting in De las Vueltas River" courtesy of Mil Outdoor, "Madsen Old House" courtesy of Walk Patagonia, "Cabalgata del Bosque" courtesy of El Relincho.