Accommodation in ecological geodesic domes, this accommodation includes bedroom, bathroom with shower, wood heating and breakfast in an exclusive location.

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Patagonia Eco Domes

Provincial Route 41, 10 miles away of El Chaltén

02962 493359

What is Glamping?

The "Glamping" proposes "glamorous camping", a concept of ecotourism that was born in Africa and today has become a global trend. For Southern Patagonia, geodesic domes structures are the best suited for the climate and can integrate the landscape with excellent views of the surroundings.

Amenities including a double bed, firewood heating, bathroom with shower and a nice breakfast are offered at the very spot where you could only imagine placing your mountain tent with a minimum impact to the environment. Due to its isolation, you will not have services such as internet connection or cell phone signal.


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Main photo courtesy of Patagonia Eco Domes.