Food and drinks

El Chaltén has a huge option menu, so you will find almost anything according to your preferences: bars, pizza and restaurants with regional, gourmet and international specialties, handmade products, vegetarian or vegan dishes, options suitable for coeliacs and much more.

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Year after year, the restaurants of El Chaltén show that it is possible to attend and satisfy the most varied palates, surprising the most demanding public.

La Vinería Grill

71, Andreas Madsen Str.
+54 2962 494071

The most traditional Argentinian cuts, roasted over red quebracho firewood. Wine cellar with a selection of over 100 wines from the most important wine areas in the country. Specialized and bilingual staff that will happily assist you. We also offer pasta and a variety of vegetarian dishes. Wide restaurant with an exclusive view of Fitz Roy mountain range. Come and enjoy an unforgettable dinner at El Chaltén.

Wine Bars

Wine is a pleasure that often accompanies the traveler wherever he goes. In Argentina, Malbec is the emblematic wine that has earned its honor place in the world thanks to the excellence achieved from this grape of French origin. In a wine bar you will find dozens of red, white, rosé or sparkling wines, as well as beers, several of them locally produced.

La Vinería

265, Lago Del Desierto Ave.
+54 2962 493301

More than 200 wine labels of small and medium production. An ideal place to taste a wide range of exquisite Argentine wines from the different wine areas of our country accompanied by a Gourmet Picada according to each strain. You can also find a wide selection of craft beers. Our place is characterized by a warm and friendly atmosphere where stories of travelers and mountaineers from various parts of the world rumble in every corner. Attended by their owners.

Home made chocolate

Savor a delicious chocolate before, during or after a trek or mountain climbing, is for sure one of those pleasures that transcend all cultures. In El Chaltén you will find the most delicious handmade chocolate, sometimes prepared in front of you, to taste and to take away with you.

La Chocolatería "Josh Aike"

105, Lago Del Desierto Ave.

Homemade chocolate factory where you can drink a hot chocolate, taste delicious sweets, homemade pizza and share with friends a mouth-watering fondue. "La Choco", producing their delights to the eye, it has become a mandatory spot for tourists, climbers and local people who are attracted by its particular warmth and sweetness.

Craft ice-cream shops

The ice-cream shops are those sites which we expect to find anywhere in the world to delight us. As any gastronomic proposal, the ice cream shops offer a variety of flavours and local specialties, adding a unique experience on your visit to El Chaltén

Domo Blanco

164, San Martín Ave.
+54 2962 493368

Ice cream handmade in El Chaltén since 1998, with fresh and natural products. We make our ice cream with the best quality products and improve them over the years and experience. We innovate with new flavors, taking into account the opinions and concerns of our visitors. Come and try our flavors, cordiality and kindness.

More restaurants

Ahonikenk Fonda Patagónica

23, M. M. de Güemes Ave.

+54 2962 493070


351, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available


401, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available

Brown Sugar

175, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available


155, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available

Don Guerra

580, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available

El Mirador

28, Perito Moreno Str.

+54 2962 493138

El Muro

948, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493248

El Parador

158, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available


86, Cerro Solo Str.

+54 2962 493069

Fuegia bistró

342, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493243

La Bicicleta

175, M. M. de Güemes Ave.

Phone not available

La Brecha

246, Gdor. Puricelli Str.

+54 2962 493151

La Cava

219, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493173

La Cervecería Brew Pub & Resto

320, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493109

La Huella

17, M. M. de Güemes Ave.

+54 2962 493314

La Oveja Negra

780, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available

La Roti Food Store

123, M. M. de Güemes Ave.

Phone not available

La Senyera

240, Lago del Desierto Ave.

+54 2962 493063

La Tapera

76, Antonio Rojo Ave.

+54 2962 493195

La Waflería

591, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493093

Lagula de los Tres

32, Trevisán Str.

Phone not available

Maffia, Restaurant y Fábrica de pastas

107, San Martín Ave.

+54 9 2966 214061


77, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493341

Mitos Bar

625, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493143

Monte Rojo

199, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available


91, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available


273, Lago del Desierto Ave.

+54 2962 493084

Parrilla Como Vaca

410, Lago del Desierto Ave.

+54 2962 493086

Patagonia Rebelde

430, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493042


275, San Martín Ave.

Phone not available

Techado Negro

56, Antonio Rojo Ave.

+54 2962 493268

Patagónicus Pizzería

57, M. M. de Güemes Ave.

+54 2962 493025

Ruca Mahuida Pizzería

55, Lionel Terray Str.

+54 2962 493018


Bonzo Bar

35, Viedma Str.

Phone not available


84, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493167

Cervecería Glaciares

250, Lago del Desierto Ave.

+54 2966 15 722166

Fresco Bar

38, Cabo García Str.

+54 2962 493044

Loma del Diablo

156, San Martín Ave.

+54 2962 493323


365, Lago del Desierto Ave.

Phone not available

Did you know?

Wine is the national drink of Argentines

"Argentine wine is an honorable ambassador in the world and pride of the argentine people who consume in the domestic market the same quality wines that export and prestiges the country in every continent." - it is mentioned by the presidential decree that declared the wine as the national drink on 24th november 2010. Whether for lunch or dinner, it is difficult to imagine the table of Argentines without the presence of a red wine.