Mountain houses in El Chaltén

Immersed in the unspoilt environment that surrounds El Chalten, but away from its urban area, are presented as a unique alternative for those seeking a unique experience and direct contact with nature without giving up the privacy and amenities of a house.

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Casa Huemules

Estancia Los Huemules, 17 Km away of El Chaltén
+54 9 11 2313 3638

Comfortable and practical two-story house located in the mountain village of Los Huemules. The house has three bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, living room with large windows and beautiful views of the surrounding forest, mountains and glaciers in the area, including Mount Fitz Roy. Fully Equipped kitchen, and a small laundry room.

What is a Mountain House?

Houses for families or groups that have all the comforts and amenities that a conventional house, but located in privileged sites of the mountain landscape of El Chaltén, away from urban centers. Usually have amenities for 4 or more people, with two or more rooms, full kitchen, dining room and living room and a large green space to enjoy. You only need the key, your belongings and supplies, the mountain houses have everything ready to become your temporary home. Due to its location, keep in mind that it is recommended to have your own vehicle to reach and move more easily in the area. For the same reason, they do not have services such as mobile telephony or Internet access.


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Aoni Yenu

Estancia Los Huemules, 17 Km away of El Chaltén.

0294 15 4536740

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