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Useful and informative reading about the environment and tourist and sports activity in the El Chaltén area.

Learn more about El Chaltén

Learn more about natural resources and the care you should have when doing an activity in the area of El Chaltén, it will give you a greater perspective on your visit to this corner of the Southern Patagonia Argentina.

Natural resources


The western region of southern Patagonia is home to an intricate water network of great value to humanity as it is one of the most generous reservoirs of available drinking water in the world. This gigantic mass of water in movement is composed of ice...

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Introduction to glaciers

The formation of glaciers begins in places where snow can be kept in one place throughout the year, because it does not fully melt due to the cold surrounding temperatures. In these areas -called feeding areas- the snow accumulated year after year goes...

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Visiting protected natural areas

To make the most of your stay, pay close attention to the explanations and advice of the park rangers who receive you and visit the interpretation centers if they exist. Whether you visit it for a few hours or stay several days walking its trails and overnight...

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Bird watching

Bird watching is an activity that has an increasing number of enthusiasts, and southern Patagonia offers you as an additional ingredient to venture into its untamed wildlife. In this region are more than a hundred species, some are difficult or very...

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