Campsites in El Chaltén

Private Campsites and Base Camps within Los Glaciares National Park.

You can camp in private campsites in El Chaltén or far from it, and in the base camps of Los Glaciares National Park. The campsites located within the National Park are free of access and permanence, they have public latrines but they do not have services; to heat or cook your food you must take your gas stove as it is forbidden to make fire.

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Featured Campsites located in El Chaltén

The campsites in town are located near the bus terminal, markets and shops. They are the only ones where you will have a mobile phone signal.

El Relincho

505, San Martín Ave.
+54 9 2966 64-9096

Located on a large property to enjoy nature in the heart of El Chaltén. The camp site is located a few meters from Río De las Vueltas where you can see several native trees. We have plenty of space to install tents and you can also use individual repair areas with fences with a barbacue and/or chulengos.

More campsites located in El Chaltén

El Mochilero

50, Los Glaciares Str.

02966 15 407571

Del Lago

137, Lago Del Desierto Ave.

02962 493245

La Torcida

33, Llao Llao Str.

02966 15 632537

El Paredón

475, Lago del Desierto Ave.

02966 15 708951

Mini Refugio

50, Los Glaciares Str.

02966 15 277401

Campsites located outside El Chaltén

All these campsites are located north of El Chaltén. To access them, if you do not have your own car, you must hire a transfer from town.

Featured campsites outside El Chaltén town

Piedra Del Fraile

Río Eléctrico valley
+54 9 2966 644856

Place of passage and meeting place. A classic in the area. Located in the Valle del Río Eléctrico, it has unique views and location. It is an ideal place to spend the night and regain strength before venturing towards the Marconi glacier or the Pollone glacier. We offer a large campsite and dorms where overnight, bathrooms and restaurant where you can enjoy a hot dish and drinks.

More campsites outside El Chaltén town


Route 41, 7,5 miles away of El Chaltén town

092966 15 467404

Geodesic domes, cabins and camping. Tables, stoves, bathrooms, hot showers, grills, supplies. Restaurant and Tea House. Zip lines, canopy, trampoline, slack line, bike rental, archery, tennis, bocce court, trekking, minigolf, fishing, bird watching, horseback riding.

Lago Del Desierto

Southern point of Lago Del Desierto, 23 miles away from El Chaltén town

02962 493155

Base Camps in Los Glaciares National Park

There are three Base Camps within the protected area, they are free of access and permanence. They do not have services (such as supplies, electricity, etc.) but each Camp has a latrine. You can access them by trekking along the different trails from El Chaltén. As in the rest of the National Park, it is forbidden to make fire and all the waste generated must be returned to the tourist village. For more related information, we suggest you read the Recommendations during your stay.

Padre De Agostini

Next to Laguna Torre, 10 Km from El Chaltén.


Next to Laguna De los Tres, 10 Km from El Chaltén.

Laguna Capri

Next to Laguna De los Tres, 10 km from El Chaltén.

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