Laguna Capri trek

This beautiful trek takes you to a viewpoint overlooking a lagoon of blue waters surrounded by native forest which you can reach in less than two hours. From here you can see a fantastic view of the Fitz Roy massif.


The trail begins at the end of San Martin Avenue, where the urban area of El Chaltén ends and the car park and the National Parks dome are located. During the first hour of trekking the slope is fairly steep until you reach the natural viewpoint of the De las Vueltas river valley.

De Vueltas river valley

After a few minutes you enter the Del Salto stream valley towards Mount Fitz Roy. As the the Ñires begin to be more and more numerous around the trail and about an hour and a half later, you will find a signposted bifurcation that indicates the footpath to Laguna Capri (to the left) and towards the viewpoint of the Mount Fitz Roy and Laguna de los Tres (to the right).

Laguna Capri

From the lagoon you will have a unique view of the Fitz Roy massif and its surrounded needles, a place that invites you to stay; one of the classic postcards of El Chaltén.

Laguna Capri

If you have an additional 30 to 40 minutes, you can not miss the Mirador del Fitz Roy, a well-signposted natural rocky viewpoint, with a sign that allows you to interpret the mountains and the glacial landscape which appears before your eyes.

Mirador del Fitz Roy

If you plan to stay or spend the night in the free camp site of Laguna Capri, we suggest you to read carefully Recommendations during your stay.

Although the access to this viewpoint is possible all year round, from April to October, this will depend on the accumulation of snow on the trail, especially on its final stretch..


The best light conditions are in the morning.

Before departure

Always check the condition of the trails in the Visitors´ Centre of Los Glaciares National Park.

Do not forget

Pack lunch and water bottle. Sun hat and sunglasses. Sunscreen lotion. Gloves, warm hat and warm jacket. Torch. Waterproof jacket.

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