Chorrillo Del Salto

This is a short and easy trek that goes deep into a hillside of Ñire and Lenga forest to a beautiful waterfall of more than 20 metres drop.


This pleasant trek is perfect for a first contact with the natural environment of El Chaltén, you walk through a forest area in a footpath with no difficulty. At the end of the trail a lovely waterfall and its stream invite you to take a break for contemplation at the shelter of the native forest.

The trail begins in El Chaltén, at the end of Av. San Martín, on the same trailhead towards Laguna De los Tres; You must take the path going to the right.

In a short time the trail ascends and immediately after it descends until you reach the unpaved route that leads to the Lago del Desierto (Provincial Route 41). Shortly after you will find a signpost on your right hand side indicating the entrance to the “Bicisenda”(bike trail) -a path exclusively for cycling, do not enter- and after a few minutes more, you will see another signpost to your left indicating that the path to the Chorrillo del Salto continues crossing the low forest of Ñires entering the foothill area again.

Native forest of Ñire

In less than half an hour you will reach the last stretch of the trail where there is a car park area; It means that you can also get here by car or bicycle.

Last stretch of the footpath

In the last section of the trail you enter only on foot, it is forbidden to enter with bicycles. This beautiful footpath is completely flat, between low trees. The distant sound of the waterfall anticipates that you are approaching the end of the route.

Magellanic orchid

At the side of the trees you will find, according to the season, different flowers of the local vegetation, such as the beautiful Magellanic orchid.


The waterfall is on the last leg of the Arroyo del Salto, before it flows into the De las Vueltas river. The total distance of this trek is less than 4 km from El Chaltén.

Waterfall in winter

In the coldest days of winter, when the temperature drops to -20ºC (-4ºF) or more, the waterfall begins to freeze to the point of being completely covered with ice.

To begin

This is an ideal trek to prepare yourself for a longer walk.

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