Chalten Rafting

A journey that runs through a succession of rapids in the Río de las Vueltas for 16 kilometres, with impressive views and a lot of adrenaline!

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Data sheet

Type of activity: half day

Total duration: 3 hours approx.

In the morning: 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

In the afternoon: 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

People: 2 min. / 15 max.

Season: from October 1 to April 30.

No previous experience required.


It is a rafting experience that takes place in the Río de las Vueltas. This river belongs to the Santa Cruz river basin. An important portion of the waters of the Río de las Vueltas is of glacial origin, partly from the melting of the glaciers in the northern area of Los Glaciares National Park. It is born in Lago del Desierto, at an altitude of 506 metres above sea level, and flows into Lake Viedma at an altitude of 250 metres above sea level.

Keep in mind


Be older than 12 years old. Pregnant women, people with heart disease, people recently operated can not do the activity.


Bring a towel, a change of underwear, a thermal shirt and an extra pair of socks.


The excursion is only suspended if the guide considers that the wind or gusts make navigation impossible or if the river level is lower or higher than normal. It is not cancelled by rain, snow or cold.


In the event that the guide considers that it should be cancelled due to weather, the refund of the amount paid is total.

What the people say

Season: from October 1 to April 30.


This excursion of three hours of total duration has two schedules: at 10 in the morning and at 2:30 in the afternoon, ending at 1:30 and at 6:00 in the evening respectively.

You must show up 15 minutes before the start of the excursion (98:45 a.m. or 2:15 p.m.) at the company's operating base, located at 872, San Martín Ave.

There the guides will receive you and provide you with the equipment: suit, jacket, helmet, life jacket, boots, mittens and paddle.

Once dressed, the company van moves (5 minutes) to the river from where the guide will give the technical and safety talk and then start the activity..

The first section of the river is 6 km of calm and winding waters, an opportunity to contemplate Cerro Fitz Roy and its satellite needles, the Andean forest, the steppe and eventually native fauna and avifauna.

It is the ideal time to make contact with the raft and practice the explained rowing and safety techniques.

The second part of the crossing advances over the Cañadón del Río De las Vueltas area.

After the initial rapid, called "Portage", you will find a succession of rapids from class III to III+ for 10 km. It's time for adventure and adrenaline!

Once the journey is over, a company van will be waiting for you with a hot drink (tea, coffee and mate) and croissants or pastries, and then return to the base in El Chaltén where you can change in the changing rooms.

The entire route covers 16 km, during two hours of paddling, from its starting point at the Iron Bridge near the base, to the Provincial Route 23 bridge that crosses the Río de las Vueltas.

It includes

Equipment: suit, jacket, helmet, life jacket, boots, mittens and oars.

Rafting and safety guides.

Snack at the end of the activity.

Transfer back to El Chalten.

Photos and videos of the experience.


Does not include

Transfer to or from El Calafate.


All photos courtesy of Comarka Rafting.

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