Fishing excursion

A Fly-fishing and spinning full-day excursion at Lago Del Desierto and the De las Vueltas river, which includes a typical Argentine barbecue.

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Lake and river of glacial origin.
Fly and / or spinning.
November 1 - April 30.
Experience: not required.
Groups of 1 to 4 people.

Fishing time: 6 to 8 hours
Total time: 10 hours.
Departure: 08:00 a.m.
Return: 6:00 p.m.
It is not suspended by rain.


This excursion begins and ends in El Chaltén and it has a total duration of approximately ten hours, aimed at both beginner and advanced fishermen. You do not need any previous experience or equipment to do it.


The day before the fishing trip, between 7 pm and 8 pm, the guide in charge will go to your accommodation to have a brief talk to clear the last minute doubts, review fishing permits, check the equipment and clothing and coordinate the departure time.

Provincial Route 41

At approximately 8 o'clock the next morning, the 4 by 4 vehicle will pick you up at your accommodation. Next you will access the Provincial Route 41 - an entirely gravel route- heading towards the Lago del Desierto, following up the winding course of De las Vueltas river. Because of its extraordinary beauty, this route which travels throughout an entire dream valley has been declared a Scenic Route "Of National Sovereignty in the Trail of the Huemul" and going through it is a spectacle in itself.

Intensive fishing technique clinic

Do not be discouraged if you do not have any experience in fishing, this excursion includes intensive training to acquire the techniques of fly fishing and spinning.

Río de Las Vueltas

For all levels
The De Las Vueltas River has been home to Brown and Rainbow trouts for several decades and a place of spawning for the majestic Chinook salmon (with specimens that can weigh up to 25 kg)

On this fishing trip, you will have the option to fish these species with fly or spinning rod all day in a wonderful environment, always accompanied by a team of guides specialized in the area.

At lunch time there will be a stop at the Lago del Desierto where you will have the opportunity to improve your technique in shallow waters and clear of nearby groves, while we will be preparing a delicious barbecue (there are vegetarian or allergic options).

This river has meltwater with deep wells and strong currents so the activity is always adapted to your physical conditions and preferences.

Lago del Desierto

For all levels
The Lago del Desierto feeds on several streams from the majestic glaciers that surround it. It is the home of Brown and Rainbow trouts and the ideal place for fly fishing.

Lago del Desierto

A boat will take you to one of the bays sheltered from the wind, where you will be alone, surrounded by a wonderful landscape: an optimal environment to practice this sport. For lunch you will return to the southern tip of the Lago del Desierto.

fter eating you will have the option of fishing again in the lake or practicing some shots in the De Las Vueltas River.

The minimum age to be part of this excursion is 13 years old.

Tour Value

from US$ 280


One fishing guide every 2 people.
Complete fishing equipment (dry suit, rods, etc.).
Lunch and drinks (water, juice or soda).
Hot drinks (coffee or tea) and snacks

Not Included

Fishing Permit.
Alcoholic drinks.

Suggested personal equipment

Warm clothes, two pairs of socks, waterproof jacket, hat and sunglasses.

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