Visit El Chaltén, North Zone of Los Glaciares National Park

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Dare to embark on a journey for the body and spirit

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Live an extraordinary and safe adventure with the whole family

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Discover oasis of turquoise waters hidden among mountains

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Walk through native forests that turn magical in autumn

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Be dazzled by a different landscape in every season

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Follow the flight of a condor closely from your hotel window

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Witness when the mountains lit at dawn

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Be amaze by glaciers you can reach on foot

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Find small treasures reserved for the curious

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Meet the gorgeous king of the forest, just meters away from your path

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Being immersed in unspoiled nature open up all your senses. Walk along trails through magical forest and in each viewpoint stop to contemplate mountains and glaciers that you will never forget. Your body recharges with energy and pure mountain air.

You are in El Chaltén, where your spirit is renewed forever.

Patagonia Argentina

About El Chaltén


Daily flights arrive at Comandante Armando Tola International Airport, located 15 km from El Calafate and 200 km from El Chaltén.


Daily busses from El Calafate all year round.

Minibus, Taxi, Rent-a-Car

From the Airport or El Calafate.

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El Chaltén is the National Capital of Trekking in Argentina. In this stunning natural scenery you have multiple and varied options for walking, climbing, going on excursions and expeditions. The strong emotions begin long before arriving, when in the distance you can see mountains and glaciers that make this corner of Patagonia unique.

Are you excited by the adventure? Then make sure you have enough days for your visit.

Self-guided activities

Most activities are free and do not require previous hiking experience in the mountains, however for the most demanding treks you can hire a guide for peace of mind and to learn more in detail from each place.

You can reach viewpoints with breath-taking panoramic views using little time and effort!

Classic treks

Chorrillo Del Salto

Easy     3 hours

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Mirador Del Torre

Easy     3 to 4 hours

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Laguna Capri

Easy     4 to 5 hours

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Pliegue Tumbado

Moderate     7 to 8 hours

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Laguna Torre

Moderate     7 to 8 hours

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Laguna De los Tres

Moderate     8 to 9 hours

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The local adventure specialists propose you to live exciting experiences in this authentic mountain paradise, in which you will reach places impossible to know otherwise. According to your age, available time and physical condition, you can choose from visiting historical sites to expeditions to the Southern Continental Patagonian Ice.

Contact Travel Agencies and Tourist Service Providers, directly and without intermediaries to book your place!

Featured excursions

El Relincho Horseriding

4 hours

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Fishing Excursion

10 hours

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Madsen Old House

1.5 hours

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Kayak in Lago del Desierto

2.30 hours

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La Leona Petrified Forest

8 hours

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Southern Patagonian Ice Field

An amazing expedition that explores the largest non-polar continental ice in the world

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