Cascada Margarita Viewpoint

The nearest resemblance to a valley trek, up to a viewpoint with impressive panoramic views of the Mounts Torre and Fitz Roy.


From El Chaltén head off on the Laguna Torre footpath and after a small climb enter a small forest composed mainly of Ñires


In a few minutes you will be under the protection of the forest, on a very comfortable trail with a very gentle slope.


The path starts to gain height and straighten up alongside the course of the Fitz Roy river until you arrive at a natural viewpoint elevated on a cliff edge over the river.

Panoramic view

The panorama from this viewpoint presents to the west the valley of the Fitz Roy river and its serpentine course in the background, framed by the unique Mount Solo on the left, the backdrop of the Adela range and the impressive Mount Torre, and on the right you can see the Mount Fitz Roy.

Fitz Roy river

Just across the river canyon you can see the Margarita waterfall.

Cascada Margarita

Tip: If you have additional time, it is worth continuing on the trail for an hour more until arriving at Mount Torre viewpoint, one of the two most spectacular lookouts in the area.

To start

This is an ideal trek to prepare yourself for a more difficult one.

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