Los Cóndores and Las Águilas

A viewpoint often overflown by condors with spectacular panoramic views of the town and the mountains and another viewpoint where you can admire the Viedma lake and the steppe.


Starting from El Chaltén, you cross over the access bridge of the Fitz Roy river and then continue along to the trailhead starting at the National Park Visitors' Centre. After a short walk you cross a small gate with a sign indicating the way to the left, and a few steps further you will see a second sign showing you the trail plan. From here it will be another half hour until you reach the Los Cóndores viewpoint. This footpath is relatively new, since it has been opened in 2004. It is well signposted and on its way you will find several informative signs that will let you appreciate the landscape around you.

As its name indicates, the viewpoint is strategically located for the eventual observation of condors in their frequent flight between the valleys of the De Las Vueltas river and the Fitz Roy river.

Furthermore it is an excellent alternative for admiring the impressive granite peaks and glaciers dominating the horizon.

Contemplating the sunset from this viewpoint can be a great farewell from El Chaltén.

The trail to the Las Águilas viewpoint begins at the signposted bifurcation about ten minutes before arriving at the Los Cóndores viewpoint.

This short trail has a gentle slope and as you go along you will discover the great Viedma lake on the horizon.

The viewpoint is a natural balcony with a panoramic view over the steppe and the Viedma lake to the south, the Cerro Huemul to the west and the Cerro Piramide to the east.

To start

This is an ideal trek to prepare yourself for a more difficult one.

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