El Chaltén, trekking capital of Argentina

Province of Santa Cruz • Argentina

Laguna Capri

Description: A beautiful hike from El Chaltén to a blue water lagoon surrounded by native forest that is reached in less than two hours. From there you can appreciate a fantastic view of the Fitz Roy massif.

Jurisdiction: Los Glaciares National Park.
Duration: 2 hours (one way).
Difficulty: easy.
Elevation: 200 meters.

Itinerary: The head of the trail begins at the north end of town, at the end of San Martín Ave. During the first hour, the trail is a steep slope until entering the valley of Del Salto river, towards Mount Fitz Roy. After 30 min. walk from El Chaltén you'll have access to a natural viewpoint with panoramic views of the valley of De las Vueltas river. Further down the trail the ñires will begin to be more and more numerous around you. After 60-90 min. walk -depending on your pace- you will find a sign that shows a bifurcation to Laguna Capri (left) or to the Fitz Roy (right). From the lagoon you will have a unique view of Fitz Roy and its surrounding peaks.

NOTE: If you have a little more time, or if this is the only hike that you are going to do, it is worth an additional walk of 15 minutes from the bifurcation mentioned above towards the Fitz Roy, to access a rocky signposted viewpoint which allows you to interpret the landscape presented in front of you, as well as the Piedras Blancas glacier. That is the Fitz Roy viewpoint.

Recommendations: If you plan to stay or camp overnight in Laguna Capri campsite, we suggest you carefully read the Recommendations during your stay.

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